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Shiny Red Fireworks Bottle holder

Clever and attractive balancing wine bottle holder. The pattern looks like an attractive fireworks, blowing on the lacquer it splash so each itel is unique! This beautiful pattern is painted on a black painted background. Then many coats of lacquer are applied. This holder will balance any kind of standard bottles from full to empty. If it's for a present, don't tell what it is! Let him/her guess… Each wine holder comes with material drawstring cover, a gift card and an explanation post card.


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This unique balancing wine bottle holder is made from bamboo or jackfruit tree by hand, carefully constructed and measured to perfectly balance any standard bottle. It creates a magical optical illusion using the principle of balance which shows the bottle suspended in mid air. 

This holder makes a great conversation piece and offers a beautiful way to display any standard bottle of wine, spirit, olive oil, soy sauce.

Really beautiful, this sculptural make great gift for people who love wine, mother's & father's day, birthdays, Christmas gift or just if you want to add a touch of design in your kitchen or/and living room.

Your guests will be amazed at this quirky fun addition to your table, as this argues with the basic laws of physics, but it is an optical created by the counter balance between the wine holder and the weight of the bottle.

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